Vocational Training story for People with Disabilities

3.2 Vocational Training story for People with Disabilities
Ka Yan story

When kayan joined the service,she is one of the packaging trainee.3 years ago,leather instructor invited her to participated in the leather training.She agreed with that and take at least two to three hours practice every day.Meanwhile,kayan start to become intersted in leather crafting.Compared to packaging training,she definitely knows that it had to be more patient and careful while during the leather making.With the encouragement and guidance of the instructor,she overcome the difficulties.Now she can enjoyed the training and feel satisfied."Don't give up!We should do everything with confidence and keep it up!"Kayan said that.


Chi Ming story

Since he was born with a broken nerve in his left hand, his left hand was slightly atrophied from the beginning. After many surgeries, he could finally recovery the basic function of his left hand, but his fingers were still difficult to exert force.So he mainly use back of the hand in daily.Chi Ming loves design. After graduating from the interior design course, he plans to develop in the design field. He expects to start with the lowest position. After interviewing with three companies, all he can get is an endless wait for news. However,after being introduced by the social worker, he joined Tsui Lam Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Service and responsible for the drawing and design process of leather design. He is brave to try and not afraid of hand obstacles. Start from scratch to fully complete a leather product, he made it carefully. Holes, threading, and stitches are all done by him.What's more,Chi Ming refits the tool to make it easier for himself. He added soft pads between the fixing jig to prevent the leather from being damaged and make the work smoother. Althought the production process takes a long time, the satisfaction brought him felt extraordinary. Futhermore, Chi Ming became an operations assistant who is an official instructor of the workshop.


WingYan story

At first,WingYan worked as a clerical worker in a telecommunication company.Due to work pressure,she is suffered from bipolar disorder.In addition to long-term insomnia, she often lost her temper and was hospitalized for a month. After being discharged from the hospital, he joined Tsui Lam Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Service to receive the services and became a member of the leather department. After a period of training, through the subtle handling techniques learned in leather making, such as threading and other processes, she felt calm and more secure. Moreover, she is now a part-time instructor in the workshop and is also responsible for handling orders from foreigners.Wing Yan recalled her previous work experience and reflected that she had a stable income before, but is it a job she really likes to do, and is she doing it happily? On the other hand, although she is only working part-time, she finds the greatest happiness here, which cannot be exchanged for money. She also hopes to become a full-time employee in the future, helping and loving each other with the vocational trainees in the workshop, and serving those in need without distinction.