Service Contents


Service Contents:

• Residential and catering services;

• Nursing care, physiotherapy and speech therapy services; 

• Community living skills and family work;

•  Living skill and self-care training;

• Individual counselling;

• Recreational, therapeutic and developmental groups and activities;

• Volunteering work;

• Respite care service;

• Extended Care Programme; and

• Visiting Medical Practitioner Service for Residential Care Homes


65 persons (Day Services: 65, Hostel:50)

Target Group:

To be eligible for the service, an applicant should be:

• Moderately to severely mentally handicapped persons;

• aged 15 or above;

• actively occupied in or being arranged for admission to a day activity centre;

• physically and mentally suitable for group living; and

• without infectious disease.

Application Procedures:

Referrals can be made by social workers to the Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services of the Social Welfare Department.

Discharge of Service:

• Service users or their families request termination of service

• Service users cannot adjust to hostel living 

• Service users are not eligible for service or need to transfer to other services

• Death of service users

Fees and Charges:

•According to Social Welfare Department provision