Holistic Care

We integrate "color, sound, smell, taste and sense" into the environment and routine to slow down the deterioration of the five senses (including sight, hearing, smell, taste and body movement/tactile) caused by old age. We provide different types of facilities in the dormitories and individualized meal arrangements to cater to the needs of our service users' disabilities and rehabilitation.

Accommodation and Meal Service

- Wall handrails are installed in the corridors and anti-slip handrails are installed in the toilets to meet the needs of the service users who lack balance.

- Emergency call bells are installed in all toilet compartments and bedrooms, and individual residents are provided with a bed-away alarm display and wireless bed-away sensor pads.

- To enhance the sense of autonomy and mobility, we provide electric care beds, doors with sensor systems, convenient on/off lighting, high-positioned power outlets, water dispensers, and remove the threshold of bathrooms and rooms.

- Soft meals and appropriate tableware are provided for service users with special meal needs.


Nursing Care Services

- Nurses assess the needs of the service users and formulate individual care plans for them

- Regularly monitor the health condition of service users and take timely follow-up actions

- Provide nursing knowledge consultation service for carers


Allied health services

Through professional assessment, a personal training plan is formulated for the service users, and a variety of rehabilitation training is arranged to maintain and slow down their muscle deterioration.

- Physiotherapy

- Occupational therapy

- Speech therapy

- Music therapy

- Virtual Reality (VR) training on daily living skills


Counseling service

- Social workers assess the needs of the service users and develop individual care and training plans for the service users

- Handling the emotional and behavioral problems of the service users

- Provide emotional support services for carers