Our Sevice


Service Objective

1. To support service users in community living by home care service;

2. To enhance the quality of life of service users;

3. To enhance caring ability of carers and relatives by providing training and support;

4. To relief stress of carers and relatives.

Service Target:

1. Persons with severe intellectual and / or physical disabilities who are on the waiting list for subvented residential care services of HSPH, HSMH or C&A/SD;

2. Persons with severe intellectual and / or physical disabilities who are assessed to be eligible for the service in accordance with the Assessment Tool for Home Care Service for Persons with Severe Disabilities.

3. Students attending special schools for children with severe intellectual and / or physical disabilities; and

4. Carers of the above-mentioned service users.

Service Area:

Kwun Tong 

Wong Tai Sin


Service Content:

We provide home care support package services, such as:

1. Personal Care service;

2. Escort Service;

3. Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Nursing Care Service * 

4. Rehabilitation Training;

5. Home base Support Service. *

* We provide profession assessment for each service users before our individual care plan.

Admit and Discharge:

Application of Service:

1. Referral from referring workers; or

2. Direct application from service users and need to complete the standardized assessment tools to ascertain the care needs and eligibility for service.

Discharge of Service:

1. Service user / user family want to discharge of service, pleas inform case worker in advance. 

2. There is a risk of infection among service users / relatives and friends live togther / residence. Including infection of diseases, lice infection etc; or unfavorable service implementation in the living environment, including high room temperature, foul odor, space obstruction, etc. The service will be suspended until the professional team assesses that the situation has improved.

3. Centre will terminate the service if service user have these situations,;

  •The service users admitted to hostel (subvented)

  •The service users admitted to hospital for more than 3 months and have no discharge plan

  •Death of service users

  •Ability increased, assessed through the Assessment Tool For Home Care Service for Persons with Severe Disabilities as no longer eligible to use the service

  •The service user or carer failed to cooperate with the service arrangement and failed to reach a consensus after mediation

  •Staff suffered physical and mental injuries during the service, and a consensus could not be reached after mediation

  •Failure to pay two consecutive installments of service fees without rational reasons

  •The service user refuses service over three months with no rational reasons.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Saturday:

• 8am to 6pm

(Except Sunday and Public Holidays)

• Please contact our social workers for service out of regular service hours

Service Charge:

The charging standard is based on Social Welfare Department
Personal Care / Escort Service / Rehabilitation Training (Therapist Assistant) $33/hour #
Food Purchase $33/hour
Nursing care (provided by health worker) $33/session*#
Home Visit by Nurse $43*/session*#
Home Visit by Occupational Therapist / Physiotherapist / Speech Therapist $52*/session*#
Rehab Bus Service^   $10/way 
Maximun Charging each month $1,002

*45 minutes per session

^ Arrange by needed

# We provide financial subsidy to special needs service users, please contact our social workers for details.


Service user should make the payment in 30 days when the bill is delivered. 

  1. Cheque: Mail to centre

  2. Cash:

  3. ePayment: Pay in 7-11 by QR code


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