Service FAQ

1. Referral by social worker; or
2. Direct application from service users and need to complete the standardized assessment tools to ascertain the care needs and eligibility for service.

Application Form

1. Persons with severe intellectual or physical disabilities, currently living in Kwun Tong or Wong Tai Sin, and waiting for the following subsidized institutions:
       •Hostel for the severely mentally handicapped persons;
       •Hostel for Severely physically handicapped persons; or
       •Care and attention home for the severely disabled persons
2. Severely mentally intellectual/physically disabilities persons within the service area; and
3. Students attending special schools for children with severe intellectual and/ or physical disabilities; and
4. Caregivers of the above service users

Our serivice only for person who currently living in Kwun Tong or Wong Tai Sin.

Other district needed person please seek for other social resources. 


For your information:

Full Package: $1,002 each month
Specify Iteams:
   Personal Care and Escort Service: $33 each hour
   Occupational Therapy / Physiotherapy $52 / per section*
   Nursing Service $43 / per section*
   Health Worker Visiting Service $33 / per section*
   Rehab Bus Escort Service $10 / way^
*Each session is 45 mins
^Arrange by needed
#There is a fee waiver mechanism. If the service user has financial difficulties, please contact the case manager for details
Typhoon / Rainstorm Warning Signal Activities Home-base Service
    Indoor Activities Outdoor Activities  
Standby Signal No.1
Amber Rainstorm Warning Signal


Standby Signal No.3
Red Rainstorm Warning Signal



Change as indoor activities

Tropical Cyclone Warining Signal No.8 or above
Black Rainstorm Warning Signal

Thunderstorm Warning

Very hot/Cold Weather Warining



If the Signal No.8 /Black Rainstorm Warning Siganl was/were lowered 2 hours before the service, the service will be suspended. 

The service runs as usual after the cancellation of Signal No.8 / Balck Rainstorm Warining Signal for 3 hours.  

* Based on weather, it will alert the activity delay or cancel 2 hours before the activity.