Holistic Care

Accommodation and Meal Services

Provides home facilities with person-centered design:

- Wall handrails are installed in the corridors and anti-slip handrails are installed in the toilets to cater for the needs of service users who lack balance.

- Emergency call bells are installed in all toilets and bedrooms, bed alarm and monitoring system are provided for service users with special needs, and ceiling hoists are installed in some bedrooms.

- Convenient switch lights, high-positioned power sockets, water dispensers are provided and the thresholds between bathroom and bedroom are removed, in order to enhance the sense of autonomy and mobility.

- Soft meals and appropriate utensils are provided for service users with special meal needs.


Allied health services

Through professional assessments, tailor-made individual training plans are formulated, and a variety of rehabilitation trainings are arranged to maintain and slow down service users’ muscle deterioration, which includes:

- Physiotherapy

- Occupational therapy

- Speech therapy

- Music therapy

- Virtual Reality (VR) training on daily living skills


Counseling service

- Social worker assesses the needs of service users and set up individual care and training plans accordingly

- Addressing the emotional and behavioral issues of service users

- Providing emotional support service for carers