Potential Development


With an emphasis on ‘Sharing of Joy and Life’, there are a Virtual Reality (VR) training system on daily living skills, a fun zone, etc., which are available for service users to enjoy their life in hostel.

- To enable people with disabilities to develop their talents with a caring spirit and to promote inclusion among people with disabilities and people in the community by using ECSpace, an interesting space.

- To share mainstreaming activities on an equal basis which aims at altering the public's attitude and impression on people with disabilities, so as to achieve a meaningful integration among people with and without disabilities.

- "Play to learn, learn to play".


Interest groups, recreational and social activities

A wide range of group activities are organized regularly to develop service users’ potential, expand their interests and maintain their mental health.

- Music therapy group

- Horticultural group

- Cooking group

- Art group

- Interactive activities by using Virtual Reality (VR)

- Festival and outdoor activities