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Social Inclusion

Opportunities and Inclusion for People with Disabilities

Our visions

Involvement breeds happiness. We are committed to securing the employment of people with disabilities, advocating a respectful appreciation for diversity and creating an inclusive society that accommodates differences and upholds equality.


Our services

We value individuality and seek to break with tradition and spread the message that everyone can contribute to our society irrespective of physical abilities. While building an inclusive society, we also provide various types of vocational training, employment support and personal development programmes for people with disabilities to re-build their confidence and re-connect with the society through employment.

Event Highlights

Opportunities and Inclusion for People with Disabilities - Art Exhibition

早前,本會殘疾人士發展與共融服務的共融事務所獲華永會資助,在油塘大本型舉行「魚您同行計劃」熱帶魚微生態景觀展覽及計劃活動點滴介紹,以推廣生命教育,促進共融價值。 展覽期間,吸引了眾多市民觀賞,並對由學員及義工的微生態景觀表示欣賞及鼓勵,在場亦有學員及義工協助介紹如何飼養魚仔及清潔魚缸,藉此讓市民有機會與殘疾學員連結在社區,增添共融色彩。



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