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Youth & Education Services

Our visions

With our comprehensive services, we strive to help young people realise their dreams and encourage a sense of independence, self-reliance and self-respect. We engage in cross-sector collaborations to explore new opportunities and inspire them to cherish their lives and involve themselves in the community.


Our services

We believe every young person has a unique set of characteristics and potentials that can only be untapped and unleashed through the accumulation of hands-on experiences at different stages of life. With our comprehensive and diversified services, we initiate cross-sector collaborations to give young people more space for self-development, encouraging them to live their lives to the fullest, care for others and involve themselves in the community.


Event Highlights

Lightness 社區生命教育計劃

賽馬會順天跳躍青年坊舉辦的「Lightness 社區生命教育計劃」,希望以音樂及戲劇作為橋樑,把曾有輕生念頭的青少年、樂隊、演員及編劇連繫起來。計劃邀請曾有輕生念頭的青少年向樂隊成員和青少年編劇分享自身經歷,藉著音樂、編劇和演員的演出,重新演繹青少年的過去。一方面讓故事主角透過別人以音樂和戲劇重新演繹自己的經歷,發現當中被隱藏的細節及情感;另一方面讓故事主角藉著作品表達心聲,以自身經驗鼓勵正面對逆境的青少年。



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