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Environmental Protection & Green Living

Our visions

Natural resources and the ecological environment must be protected to save our precious Earth. We encourage the public to reduce pollution and waste, while working closely with different social groups and sectors to build a sustainable future.


Our services

We integrate green practices into the everyday life to raise public awareness on environmental protection and call for actions to reduce municipal solid waste, promote green community and increase the livability of our city.



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Big Waster in Wonderland Green @ Sai Kung

由本會營辦的「綠在西貢」與設計師合作,聯同深入民心的減廢角色大嘥鬼攜手將「綠在西貢」打造為「大嘥鬼夢遊仙境」(Big Waster in Wonderland)。 主題展覽以「夢遊仙境」為創作藍本,設有四大奇幻展區,大嘥鬼化身成夢遊仙境中的童話角色,重現故事中經典場景,生動有趣地帶出不同環保信息,誠邀你前來參觀!

日前本會邀請到環境保護署助理署長李可期女士、首席環境保護主任黃偉民先生以及社區回收網絡主管楊泉清先生,於本會總幹事梁少玲女士及助理總幹事周淑琼女士的陪同下參觀「綠在西貢」,了解服務運作,並與眾同樂參與「試玩」活動,透過夢遊仙境 AR 藝術裝置,與大嘥鬼一齊「打卡」影靚相。 



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都市綠洲 Urban Oasis