Active Ageing Services

Our visions

Life after 50 is not a destination, but the second journey of life. Why not celebrate the second half of life with new adventures? We set out to explore the endless possibilities of life with people in their 50s and work with different parts of the community to build a flourishing life in the Third Age.


Our services

Turning 50 is a milestone that leads up to the second half of life. Active Ageing Services allow people in their 50s to live a flourishing life by providing them with a variety of new services, a platform designed for life planning, lifelong learning opportunities and the means to self-manage their health. We will also partner with different stakeholders to explore new opportunities for them and urge the government, the business sector and the community to join hands in building an age-friendly city.


Carer Training - Understanding BPSD (Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia)

「行為和心理症狀」是認知障礙症患者在疾病進程的某一階段所產生的思維和行爲問題。患者這些行為、心理症狀往往令護老者感到手足無措及帶來沉重壓力。本會Carer Link 照顧者策劃及支援服務團隊與聯合醫院將舉辦每月一課「同你傾下」 諮詢課,和大家一起「見招拆招」 !


Services units affiliated to Active Ageing Services:

CFSC 長者地區中心
CFSC Carer Link 照護同行