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Youth & Education Services

Our visions

With our comprehensive services, we strive to help young people realise their dreams and encourage a sense of independence, self-reliance and self-respect. We engage in cross-sector collaborations to explore new opportunities and inspire them to cherish their lives and involve themselves in the community.


Our services

We believe every young person has a unique set of characteristics and potentials that can only be untapped and unleashed through the accumulation of hands-on experiences at different stages of life. With our comprehensive and diversified services, we initiate cross-sector collaborations to give young people more space for self-development, encouraging them to live their lives to the fullest, care for others and involve themselves in the community.


Event Highlights

Cultural Exchange Tour for youth by Rotary Club of Penha, Macau

早前,來自本會賽馬會順天跳躍青年坊的 20位中學生,很開心獲得澳門西望洋扶輪社的贊助,前往澳門參與「扶輪澳港少年世遺文化交流」活動,與澳門浸信中學扶輪少年服務團的中學生進行文化交流。



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