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Primary Health Care Core Services

Our visions

By advocating healthy lifestyles, we encourage everyone to be the master of their own health, as well as bringing the community together for promoting whole-person wellness and building a healthier Hong Kong.


Our services

A healthy lifestyle is the key to mental and physical well-being. We roll out various initiatives to encourage the public to adopt a healthy lifestyle and take charge of their own health. We provide one-stop multi-disciplinary primary care services to give the public access to convenient and quality medical care in disease prevention, treatment and disease management outside of the public healthcare system. We also actively work with different stakeholders to build a healthy city.


Event Highlights

Breast Cancer Seminar

CFSC為賽馬會「攜手同行」癌症患者支援計劃的夥伴機構,計劃將於6月10日(六) 舉辦「乳癌治療最新發展及飲食貼士之講座」,希望能讓癌症患者和公眾人士認識乳癌治療及飲食要訣。當日邀請到香港大學臨床腫瘤學系臨床教授顏繼昌教授為大家講解乳癌治療最新發展,同時本會註冊營養師周芷晴小姐亦會為參加者分享治療期間的飲食要訣。 


Quit Tobacco Month




Special services provided by CFSC

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