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Primary Health Care Services

Our visions

By advocating healthy lifestyles, we encourage everyone to be the master of their own health, as well as bringing the community together for promoting whole-person wellness and building a healthier Hong Kong.


Our services

A healthy lifestyle is the key to mental and physical well-being. We roll out various initiatives to encourage the public to adopt a healthy lifestyle and take charge of their own health. We provide one-stop multi-disciplinary primary care services to give the public access to convenient and quality medical care in disease prevention, treatment and disease management outside of the public healthcare system. We also actively work with different stakeholders to build a healthy city.


Event Highlights

2024年7-9月運動班 現正招生



Diamond Hill Family Pharmacy

CFSC基層醫療健康服務轄下的鑽石山家庭藥房現已提供處方藥物配售服務,由現在開始,只要透過WhatsApp 傳送醫生處方,我們的註冊藥劑師會為你覆核處方及解答問題,在預約時間內親臨家庭藥房即可購買處方藥物。



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