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Employee Service Consultancy

Our visions

Corporate development hinges on employees’ performance. We are committed to promoting the physical and mental wellbeing of employees, injecting vitality and vibrancy into the office and driving the employees and the companies in their pursuit of excellence.


Our services

We have established partnerships with public and private organisations to organise the Employee Assistance Programme, on-the-job training, crisis interventions and management consultancy for companies.

Event Highlights

HR Excellence Awards 2023/2024

早前,CFSC於香港人力資源管理學會(HKIHRM)舉辦的卓越人力資源獎 (HR Excellence Awards 2023/2024)中,奪得員工福祉服務機構金獎 (Excellent Wellness Provider Award)! 我們很榮幸獲邀出席頒獎典禮,當日CFSC總幹事梁少玲女士與本會服務單位盈力僱員服務顧問的高級經理吳慧琪女士一同到台上領獎,見證我們獲取殊榮的歷史性一刻。這項殊榮表彰了我們致力推動本港僱員的身心健康發展,以及促進企業和社會服務機構間的伙伴合作。



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