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Community Development Services

Our visions

On a mission to light up the lives of all those in need, we are dedicated to improving the quality of life of vulnerable groups with our community services and engaging them in the community to build a society rooted in mutual help and justice.


Our services

Rapid urban development has accelerated economic growth, while putting the disadvantaged group under immense hardship at the same time. We organise various community activities and services to build a community support network for them, which aims at fostering their sense of belonging to the neighbourhood and involving them in district affairs to ultimately make a difference in the neighbourhood and the city at large.


Event Highlights

JC InnoPower: PaMa Slasher

本會的社區發展服務獲得第6屆社工創新力量(JC Innopower Social Worker Fellowship)支持,及獲得由香港賽馬會慈善信託基金的捐助,推出「賽馬會社工創新力量:自悠爸媽計劃 (JC InnoPower: PaMa Slasher) ,以支援觀塘區劏房全職照顧者照顧有特殊學習需要兒童,成立SEN學童託管服務。 



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