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Love Your Family

Children & Family Services

Our visions

“Happy children.A caring family.Be self-reliant” is the ultimate goal we have been striving for. We are committed to promoting children development, helping families maintain a loving relationship and supporting those affected by domestic violence. We work closely with all walks of life to promote family harmony while caring for the community around us.


Our services

We aim to strengthen the functions of the family by promoting personal development and improving marital and familial relationships; provide quality early childhood education for children to learn and attain all-round development in a fun-filled environment; collaborate with different sectors to empower parents in their children’s holistic growth; call for the elimination of domestic violence and intervene in family crises to protect and support affected children and families. We also make good use of social resources to help disadvantaged individuals and families overcome adversities, while propagating the virtue of “loving your family” and working with various sectors of the community to build a loving family for everyone.

Services units affiliated to Children & Family Services: