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Youth & Education Services

Our visions

With our comprehensive services, we strive to help young people realise their dreams and encourage a sense of independence, self-reliance and self-respect. We engage in cross-sector collaborations to explore new opportunities and inspire them to cherish their lives and involve themselves in the community.


Our services

We believe every young person has a unique set of characteristics and potentials that can only be untapped and unleashed through the accumulation of hands-on experiences at different stages of life. With our comprehensive and diversified services, we initiate cross-sector collaborations to give young people more space for self-development, encouraging them to live their lives to the fullest, care for others and involve themselves in the community.


Event Highlights

Jockey Club Youth Leap Open Day

賽馬會跳躍青年坊翠屏分處全新改裝後,現已隆重登場,並於早前舉辦的『翠屏「翠智繽Fun樂」精彩開放日』讓一眾參加者可以體驗這個充滿活力與創意的青少年天地! 開放日活動精彩豐富,有動感十足的樂隊表演、挑戰刺激的歷奇活動,以及親子自由遊戲、桌上遊戲等,絕對讓大家樂而忘返。還有藝術作品創作、新興運動和DIY手作坊,節目非常豐富!



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