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Apply for Residential Care Homes for the Elderly

Target Group and Service Needs

Frail elderly with special care needs and their carers can apply for a range of support services including day care, home care or residential care homes for the elderly, which enhance the quality of life of the elderly and enable them to live with dignity.

Evaluation of Service Needs

As stipulated by the Social Welfare Department, elders applying for the above services must participate in a standardised assessment and have their care needs assessed by a recognised professional to ensure that they are provided with the suitable long-term care services. The standardised care need assessment mechanism is applicable to disabled and frail applicants applying for residential care homes, care and attention homes, nursing homes, day care centres for the elderly, as well as Enhanced Home and Community Care Services (EHCCS) and Integrated Home Care Services (IHCS).

Apply for Residential Care Homes for the Elderly


Senior citizens aged 65 years or above who are unable to live in their own home due to personal, social, health and/or other reasons can apply to live in residential care homes for the elderly. Applicants aged between 60 and 64 can also make an application given that they can prove their need for residential care.

Types of Residential Care Homes for the Elderly

Subsidised homes, self-financing homes, contract homes for the elderly and private homes for the elderly (private-home applicants can apply on their own without going through the standardised care need assessment required by the Social Welfare Department)


Please visit the Social Welfare Department’s website for a list of residential care homes for the elderly

The Social Welfare Department

Christian Family Service Centre

Elders living in Kwun Tong District or their carers, if in need, can also contact and apply at their local district elderly community centre or neighbourhood elderly centre (Note: The service area of each elderly centre can be viewed here), or reach out to our District Elderly Community Centres for details:

True Light Villa District Elderly Community Centre

Shun On District Elderly Community Centre

  • Units Nos. 13-14, G/F, On Yat House, Shun On Estate, Kwun Tong, Kowloon
  • 2727 1234
  • 2709 5704

Service users who are receiving our integrated family services can also consult their social worker for details of the assessment and application process:

Family Energizer (Integrated Family Service)

Our Residential Care Homes for the Elderly