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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Regulations


  1. The Hiring Group must abide by the Leasing Terms and Conditions set forth by Christian Family Service Centre (hereinafter referred to as “CFSC”). In case of any violation, CFSC reserves the right to terminate the use of the hired room and equipment at any time without any refund of the amount paid.
  2. The Hiring Group must complete the handover procedure at the Reception Counter in the Lobby in person. The actual end time of the hire shall be defined as the point of time at which the Hiring Group has completely vacated the premises and has completed the handover procedure at the Reception Counter.
  3. The Hiring Group can take over the venue 15 minutes prior to the stated start time of the session hired.
  4. The Hiring Group must vacate the venue on time.
  5. Any persons other than those prescribed in the Application Form are not allowed to enter the hired venue.
  6. The venue rental charges include the basic equipment. If the Hiring Group wishes to bring any audio-visual facilities or equipment of their own into the venue, a notification should be sent to CFSC at least 2 days in advance.
  7. The Hiring Group shall not place any unauthorised item inside the premises of CFSC or post any notice, announcement and promotional material of any kind without CFSC’s permission.
  8. Smoking and trading in any form are strictly prohibited inside the premises of the CFSC building.
  9. Drinking and eating in the hired venue are strictly prohibited without CFSC’s permission. In case of any violation, CFSC reserves the right to recover the cleaning costs so incurred from the Hiring Group.
  10. The Hiring Group must not move or dismantle the fixed equipment in the hired venue without CFSC’s permission. After the use of the room, all tables, chairs, equipment and supplies must be returned to their original locations and conditions. In case of any violation, CFSC reserves the right to recover the costs related to the restoration of the venue and equipment.
  11. Any loss suffered by CFSC as a result of the damage, destruction or loss of any equipment incurred during the hire period must be compensated for by the Hiring Group at market price.。
  12. CFSC only provides venues and facility leasing services and technical support services for the hired equipment. The Hiring Group must take out a suitable insurance policy at its own expense to protect the personal and property safety of the Hiring Group and the equipment users. The Hiring Group must provide proof of third-party insurance.
  13. If the event being organised by the Hiring Group requires a licence from a government agency, the Hiring Group must obtain the approval of the said government agency prior to lodging a venue hire application to CFSC. If the venue booking must be cancelled as a result of failure to obtain the required licence, the amount paid will not be refunded.
  14. CFSC is not liable for any of the Hiring Group’s activities.
  15. All activities conducted by the Hiring Group inside CFSC’s premises must comply with the laws and regulations of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
  16. If the Hiring Group terminates the use of the hired venue as a result of any incident subsequent to the signing of the handover document, the amount paid will not be refunded.
  17. If Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above or a Black Rainstorm Warning (or Typhoon Signal No. 3 or above or a Red Rainstorm Warning if the Hiring Group is a kindergarten/nursery) is hoisted on the day of hire, the Hiring Group shall be entitled to cancel the venue booking on that day and book an alternative date, which is valid within 3 months, or request a refund.
  18. The Hiring Group must not sublet or transfer the lease of the hired venue to any other group/person.
  19. The Hiring Group shall not create any noise of such an intensity that causes a nuisance to other people. In case of any violation, CFSC reserves the right to terminate the use of the hired venue at any time.
  20. The Hiring Group shall not use CFSC’s address for promotional purposes until its venue hire application is approved by CFSC. Its promotional materials must be submitted to CFSC for review, and the font used to display CFSC’s name or address on such promotional materials must not be larger than the font used to display the name of the Hiring Group or the Organiser. Such promotional materials shall not be distributed prior to CFSC’s approval. The Hiring Group shall not publish, publicise, promote or advertise their events publicly in any way that directly or indirectly uses CFSC’s name or that might lead others to believe that such events are related or connected with CFSC in any way. In case of violation, we reserve the right to terminate the rental of the venue at any time and will not refund the paid amount.
  21. In the event of any malfunction of equipment supplied by CFSC during the period of use that prevents the rental group from performing part of its event, the Hiring Group will be refunded the additional rent paid for the equipment in question; if such a malfunction results in disruption to the entirety of the event, the Hiring Group is entitled to book the venue for an alternative date and time or request a refund.
  22. If the event organised by the Hiring Group requires the introduction of animals for performance purposes, it must apply to CFSC in advance and obtain CFSC’s approval prior to the event.
  23. The Hiring Group shall not use any space outside the hired venue, including but not limited to the corridors, staircases, squares, and lobbies, without CFSC’s permission.
  24. CFSC reserves the right to close the hired venue. If CFSC fails to provide the hired venue as scheduled, the Hiring Group is entitled to book an alternative date, which is valid within 6 months, or request a refund.
  25. CFSC reserves the right to make the final decision on all venue hire applications and may refuse to lease the venue without the need to justify this decision.
  26. All legal/compensation liabilities arising from any alteration of the original design of the hired venue/public area of the CFSC building by the Hiring Group shall be borne by the Hiring Group.
  27. The Hiring Group must report any damage to the hired equipment immediately to our administrative staff.
  28. It is strictly forbidden to bring any prohibited, dangerous or indecent articles into the premises of CFSC.
  29. When using the on-site equipment, the Hiring Group must accept responsibility for the personal safety of the participants attending on invitation or in other capacities.
  30. The Hiring Group and its event participants are responsible for taking good care of their personal belongings and group properties. CFSC is not liable for any loss of or damage to such belongings and properties.
  31. CFSC shall be immune from any civil or criminal liability or liability to compensate for any injury and casualty/loss caused by any person’s participation in the event being organised.
  32. The Hiring Group must indemnify and assume full responsibility to keep indemnified CFSC against any proceedings, claims and demands whatsoever in respect of the death, injury, loss or damage suffered by any person caused or contributed to by negligence on the part of the Hiring Group or any person authorised by the Hiring Group when using the hired venue and equipment.
  33. CFSC has entered into licence agreements with Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Limited (CASH), Phonographic Performance (South East Asia) Limited (PPSEAL) and Hong Kong Recording Industry Alliance Limited (HKRIA) for the performance of copyrighted musical works and the playing or showing of sound recordings, music videos and karaoke videos in CFSC’s auditorium/Rooms 201–205/Love Square. The applicant does not need to apply for an individual licence from these three copyright licensing bodies if the copyrighted works to be performed, played and/or showed in CFSC’s auditorium/Rooms 201–205/Love Square are administered by the said copyright licensing bodies and such performance, playing and/or showing is not excluded by the relevant licence agreements. The exclusions in the relevant licence agreements are set out as follows:

CASH – Exclusions

  1. The act of causing performed works in any form including sound recordings/music videos or ringtones to be digitally transmitted and/or sold (via the Internet/mobile communications or other means).
  2. The right to cause any performance of the Society’s works to be audible/visible beyond the precincts of the licensed premises (including on the Internet).
  3. Any copyright in respect of any sound or video recordings.
  4. Any reproduction of the Society’s repertoire.
  5. The right to rewrite the lyrics of or rearrange any works within the Society’s repertoire.

If you have any enquiries, please contact CASH at 2846 3268.

PPSEAL – Exclusions

  1. This Licence does not authorise the Licensee to perform any acts which could be an infringement of any copyright subsisting in the sound recordings, music videos and/or karaoke videos.
  2. This Licence does not extend to authorise the reproduction, remixing, re-recording or editing of the sound recordings, music videos and/or karaoke videos.
  3. This Licence does not permit the Licensee to use any unauthorised copies of the sound recordings, music videos and/or karaoke videos.
  4. This Licence does not include the sound recordings, music videos and/or karaoke videos that are not managed by PPSEAL.

For enquiries, please contact PPSEAL at 2861 4318.

HKRIA – Reservation of Rights

  1. HKRIA and/or its members hereby expressly reserve all rights to the works that are owned or controlled by them and not expressly licensed to the Licensee.
  2. None of the clauses contained in the Terms and Conditions shall be construed as authorising the Licensee to:
    a) include any works in any broadcast, or copy, reproduce, remix, re-record, edit, or otherwise process any works, or do any other acts that may constitute an infringement of the copyright of any works; or
    b) publicly play the unauthorised copies of any works.
  3. The Licensee expressly undertakes and guarantees not to perform the acts specified in Paragraph 2 above.
  4. HKRIA and its members hereby declare that they reserve all rights and remedies against the Licensee in respect of any unauthorised acts or infringement of their intellectual property rights.

In case of any enquiry, please contact HKRIA at 2520 7000.

  1. CFSC offers 3 sets of stage steps in total, each of which can accommodate up to 9 people standing or no more than 630kg. The Hiring Group must note that the steps can only be installed and uninstalled by CFSC’s sound operator. The steps must be installed prior to the event and must not be uninstalled until the conclusion of the event. During the event, they must not be removed from their original location at one’s own discretion. Users are only allowed to stand or sit and are strictly forbidden from playing games, jumping or performing dangerous acts on the steps. The Hiring Group shall be liable for all consequences arising from the violation of this regulation by any person.

Effective from: 1 April, 2018