Thanks to the generous donations from corporations and the public, we have ceaselessly expanded and improved our services over the years. Your continued support and recognition will allow us to help more people in need.

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One-off Donation

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Your generous support helps us to extend our service and serve people in need.

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A stable source of donations enables us to expand our services and benefit people with different needs. Please support our work by joining our monthly donation scheme.

Donations in Lieu of Gifts

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Would you like to make your celebration more meaningful by sharing the happiness? Maximise the joy of a special occasion, be it your birthday, wedding, baby shower, business opening or anniversary, by turning gifts from your loved ones into a loving act of donation. Support our work through donations in lieu of gifts and pass on the love to people in need.

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Legacy Giving

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Leaving your legacy to CFSC allows us to not only pass on your gift of love to the community, but also sustain and expand essential underfunded services that can improve the livelihoods of those in need.

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Kwun Tong Meal Voucher Donation

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疫情爆發接近兩年,社會逐漸回復正常狀態,然而基層巿民的生活擔子卻有增無減,只好節衣縮食,有一餐沒一餐。 為協助有需要的基層人士,現誠邀大家踴躍支持「『有膳觀塘』善餐券籌款計劃」,透過送贈飯券,讓居住在觀塘區的有需要人士,讓他們得以溫飽,減輕經濟負擔,並暫且放下生活重擔。

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